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Huning Safaris in Tanzania

Safari Information

About Hunting in Tanzania

Spear Safaris has partnered with Kilombero North / Wembere safaris in the South , West and Northern parts of Tanzania. The renowned Kilombero Valley blocks form part of the area that encompasses 4 adjoining, 2 000 000 acres in Hunting blocks, making this a massive and diverse area, producing excellent quality on Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Hippo crocodile and Roosevelt Sable to mention just a few species. The concession presents some excellent, old Africa style hunting, in a setting of Luxurious tent style camps. This is one of the premier hunting companies in all of Tanzania, with no compromises in quality of equipment or back up services. We also have Premier areas in Masaailand, offering All the Gazelles, including Roberts, Gerenuk, Lesser kude and more.

Tanzania is traditionally renowned for its exceptional hunting and excellent trophy quality. This country is home to the largest concentration of heavy maned Lion left in Africa, a very healthy Leopard population, vast herds of Buffalo as well as incomparably large varieties of plains game, including Roan antelope, Sable antelope, Eland, Greater Kudu and Sitatunga. Gerenuk, Lesser Kudu and Oryx occur throughout the semi-arid North East and Masai Bushbuck, Red Duiker, Mountain Reedbuck and Suni can be found in suitable high altitude habitat.

Three quarters of Tanzania’s land mass is wilderness, most of which is National Park, Game Reserve or Hunting Area. The Wilderness (and the Wildlife it contains) is not fenced. The animals know no boundaries – they move freely in and out of various hunting areas.

Tanzania is a beautiful and varied country with the finest wildlife habitat remaining in Africa today with large wilderness areas of abundant game. The country and terrain vary enormously, from semi-desert in the North East, to open plains and thorn bush in the North; swamps in the North West; to Miombo woodland throughout the country. This unusual diversity creates ideal habitat for a wide variety of wildlife species.


1. Medical Information
Tanzania is a malarial area and precautions must be taken. Kilombero North – Wembere / Spear Safaris recommend that you check with your doctor or local health authority for details of health regulations and immunization requirements. There are comprehensive medical boxes in camps, however, please ensure that you take with you any special medication you require. All our professional hunters are equipped with a satellite phone in case of an emergency.

Flying Doctor Medical Service. This is an air medical service, which will come to your assistance in the case of a genuine emergency. Each flight carries a fully qualified nurse and life saving medical equipment. Flying Doctor has a radio link with its headquarters in Nairobi.


2. Air Charters

In order to maximise your hunting time and avoid fatigue air charter flights are provided, to camps, for most camp changes and out of camps. The majority of camps have their own airstrips. Because of the expense involved, air charter flights are shared, where possible. The number of passengers on each air charter is entirely up to the air carrier. Please note that most incoming safaris will use the same aircraft as the outgoing safaris, on the same “travel day” and that Kilombero North / Wembere / Spear Safaris reserves the right to transport fresh food supplies, and or Staff related to your Safari from time to time.


Commercial Airline Flights

Arusha’s international airport is Kilimanjaro. KLM have a daily flight with excellent connections through Amsterdam. There are however many other carriers that can be used, please consult with your travel agent. Safaris in the Kilombero valley start from Dar es salaam, Masai Safaris start in Arusha.


3. Visa Requirements

Citizens of certain countries are required to obtain visas for entry into Tanzania. As the list of countries changes from time to time, it is important to check with your local authorities or travel consultant regarding current visa regulations.


4. Communications

Each hunting camp is supplied with Satellite WIFI, which comes at a nominal cost. During every safari, communication can be established with base, as well as with other camps.



GMT plus three (3) hours.



230v AC. Power is generated by means of generator and or Solar.


5. The Climate

Owing to Tanzania’s close proximity to the Equator, the annual variation on temperature is small. The inland climate, due to altitude, is cool in the morning and evening, but warm at mid-day. The average temperature during the day is about 80 degrees F (27 degrees C) and at night this can drop to 60 degrees F (15 degrees C). The coast has a warm tropical climate during the day and temperature drops at night.


Recommended Clothing,

Bush clothes should be loose, comfortable and sturdy. Dark green heavy cotton is best, kaki is not the best option. Laundry is done daily; flat irons with live coals are used for ironing. East Africa, due to its altitude, can sometimes be cold. A warm duffel jacket or heavy jersey is necessary in some areas for the cool of the evening, night and morning. An anti tsetse fly jacket is recommended such as the Bug Tamer, available in the United States.



Clients shall only be permitted to hunt those animals for which their permit is issued (subject to quota availability). By Tanzania Law only hunting clients are permitted to hunt. Any observers who wish to hunt will result in upgrading the observer to hunting client status, which will mean adjustment of all fees, including basic safari fees and all
Government fees.

The hunting season runs from 1st July through to 31st December. The driest months are July through October, when you can hunt throughout Tanzania. With the onset of the rainy season in November in the West of Tanzania, where Kilombero North / Wembere /Spear Safaris tend to concentrate, movement becomes restricted and we do not hunt anymore. The Northern part of Tanzania remains open for Hunting .

Recommended packing list.

This is only a recommendation based on the input from a number of hunters over several years. It can be adapted and altered to suit every ones needs.

1. Guns

Plains Game:
One light rifle with sling ( .270, 30.06, 7mm or 300 mag) for medium plains game
One Medium to heavy rifle with sling for bigger Plains game. (.375 H&H)
Variable rifle scope (2 – 7 x 40)
40 rounds of Soft point ammunition
Hard gun case
Soft gun case


Big Game:
One heavy rifle with sling (.375, .458, .470.etc)
Variable scope (1 – 5 x 32) detachable mounts
20 Rounds soft point ammunition
20 Rounds of Full metal jacket ammunition
Hard case
Soft case


2. Clothing
3 Pairs of cotton trousers – Dull in color
3 Shirts- cotton, long or short sleeve- same color
1 Grey or green coat with hood and 1 light weight jacket
1 Hat or Cap
5 undershirts and under shorts
5 pairs of socks with set of sock savers
1 Belt
1 pair of soft soled shoes – Tennis shoes
1 pair of camp shoes or sandals
1 Down or Wool Sweater
1 Jogging suit (for sleeping)
1 Light pair of leather gloves- golfing glove


3. Miscellaneous
1 Folding knife
2 Lip chap
2 Rifle shell holders – belt carrier type
2 Washcloths
Suntan lotion, Insect repellant, Sunglasses and Skin moisturizers
Digital camera, laptop and/or iPad (Spear Safari camp has wi-fi)
camera with sufficient memory cards
Small binoculars – optional
Medications and recommended shots – see your doctor
Personal toiletries kit – Razor etc.
Flashlight with spare batteries
Plastic bags – Ziploc type
Extra Prescription Glasses if needed


4. Other
Travel documents (Passport that is valid for 6 months after return
date to USA, Firearm documentation (with a max of 3 rifles and 200 rounds per rifle), Airline tickets, we also require scanned copies of passport, passport sized photos, a picture of your rifle showing the serial numbers, Travel Insurance, money, medical records as required)
Reading material
Phone numbers (Foreign and local contacts)
Confirmation of hotels, Car rental etc


Tanzania is one of the last outposts of hunting in Africa. You will hunt on a free range area of approximately 2 000 000 acres with pristine natural fauna and flora. The area is exceptionally good for Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Sable, Roan, Kudu, Warthog, Bushpig, Zebra, Lichtenstein Hartebeest and quite a few more. A short charter flight of 1;45 minutes is most convenient to get from Arusha to the hunting area. A drive into camp can also be done but can take a lot of your valuable time. The three camps are located on the banks of permanent springs, providing an unforgettable African wilderness experience. We provide 24/7 Electricity, provided by solar as well as gas Generators.

Safari Packages & Fees


10 Days 1×1 2 Buffalo On request
10 Days 2×1 2 Buffalo’s each
On request
14 days Leopard /Buffalo ( 3 bulls)
On request
16 days Leopard /Buffalo ( 3 Bulls)
On request
21 day Full bag Safari, including Lion, Buffalo, Hippo, Croc
Companion Hunter options also available

Included in day fees

Excluded in day fees

Meet & greet at Airport
Pre & post safari Accommodation / tours
Assistance with firearm clearing
All hunting licenses
Rifle & ammo hire
Transfer to and from Camp, from closest airstrip
Licensed PH
Charter flights where applicable
Full Accommodation, meals, soft drinks, water, beer
Trophy shipping costs
Camp Staff
Taxidermy Charges
Daily Laundry
Ammunition tax
1st Rifle Permit
Visa fees
Speciality Spirits consumed in Camp
Rifle Hire