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By the way, I got an email from Craig Boddington about a week ago. He had good things to say -- remembers Ernest from a hunt years ago, saying he was a very ``good lad.``
He asked that I say hello to you guys.
Many thanks,

Greg & Lifie

“Words cannot express what a wonderful experience this has been! You and your staff have done a marvellous job of ensuring that, as a first time visitor to South africa, I have truly been bitten by “the bug”, and now have the “disease”! Greg’s second experience here has been fantastic as well.

We are so impressed at how m,eticulous and professional your staff is, from picking up after us to the unbelievable tasty meals Cecilia created. Everyone is so polite and welcoming, and so helpful.

Greg cannot wait to plan the new spots for the beautiful animals he has taken, and I cannot wait to plan new lessons with all I have seen and learnt about South Africa.

Ernest, thank you for working so hard to help Greg hunt the animals he was hoping to add to his collection. And Marita, words cannot express my thanks for being so helpful in adding to my experience with the trips to thornybush and Mapungubwe! All the best to you!”

Kevin – Omaha, USA

“I thoroughly enjoyed my hunts with Spear Safaris. Ernest & Marita run a great camp – first class all the way! He provided me with a PH (Vic) top notch hunter and great person. Entire staff made us feel right at home for the entire hunt. We enjoyed every day! Highly recommend to hunter and non-hunters.”

“Hi Ernest,

Great to hear from you. Ralph is constantly talking about you and our last trip. We’ve had a lot of laughs with Dennis an Liz about the trip. It was a lot of fun. Ralph talks about coming back,but I,m afraid to ask what for. haha.

Liz said that was the first trip she’s been on that she wasn”t ready to come home from. And she’s done quite a bit of travelling. That is a real compliment to you Ernest. Take care and stay safe.”

Steve, Tammy, Natalie, Alexis and Nolan

“You gave us all the incredible African experience that we will never forget!……….Phenomenal family and hunting experience all in one”

Shawn and Angie

“I know that this experience has ignited a new passion in both of us and the we will most certainly be back. The hospitality, the level of knowledge and experience, the amazing reserve, and oh! the food!! truly made for a trip of a lifetime”

Suzie and Colleen

“Thank you for a wonderful experience. We look forward to our next visit in the future.”


“As I sit here on the last of an amazing 2  weeks, I don’t know where to begin in thanking you. I knew that I had made the right choice before I arrived. The continued close communication from both of you for the year leading up to the trip and the special item Marita ordered for me and placed in my room at arrival was very impressive. Your new camp is beautiful. The food was so delicious I gained weight! But I have dreamt of an old Africa hunting experience since I dressed up as a child as a “great white hunter”. Ernest delivered a hunting experience that made that lifelong dream into reality. As Ernest and his bush veld dog, Jock, and I travelled the bush in his truck and on foot, I felt as if the heavens were about me, instead of above. The variety and number of game was overwhelming. I took a good number of excellent trophies including buffalo and kudu. I left a few for next time. Thank you so much for the best experience of my life save the birth of my sons!”


“It was wonderful being with you all again. Twice in one year …. doesn’t get any better than that. I would be repeating my praise of you, your staff and the camp…this being my 9th safari speaks for itself.”


“You have a first rate operation at Spear Safari. The game is plentiful with excellent opportunity…..It was a dream of mine to take a Cape Buffalo with a bow and couldn’t be more pleased with my animal.”


“Wow! Is the word that comes to my mind when I think about my hunt with Spear Safaris and my very first trip to Africa…..I have to give a very special thanks to my PH, Mr Koos. He is the best! Amazing guy, extremely knowledgeable and very patient. He did everything he possibly could to ensure I had a great hunt and experience.”

fournier-bushpigGeorge & Shirley

“Second hunt with Spear and wonderful as usual. ….. We’ll be back. Thanks to Koos for all the great preparation……..Chengeta, Cecilia and Gladys were wonderful and made the trip comfortable and enjoyable. Want you to know how much we appreciate the work. We love you all and take care”


“What a fantastic experience!! This opportunity has truly been a life long dream and it could not have been any better. From the game opportunities to the professionalism of the staff and PH, all was planned and executed perfectly……I cannot wait to come back and do this again.”


“Thank you for everything. With this being my first trip to South Africa it has exceeded all my expectations. I plan on returning with my family. The staff, lodging and areas that we hunted were excellent.”



“First trip and had a great time. Taking home some awesome trophies. Everyone did a great job. Can’t wait till my next trip.”


“4th Safari with Spear Safaris. First hunter in the new Spear Camp….everything ran smoothly and was perfect.”

guestpennella-buffalo-aprilCarl & Barbara

“Another great safari comes to a close. The excitement of seeing your new camp did not disappoint. The location and comfortable accommodation, your staff all made us feel right at home.The numberous animals we viewed while driving was wonderful.”


“The concession was newly reopened, and I had the luck of being the first hunter to go in recently. PH Ernest Dyason is a real pro, and he took away any uncertainty about trophy selection.”
“Ernest Dyason, operator of Spear Safaris in South Africa, planned this hunt and accompanied me as my PH. He had the inside track on hunting this concession, which is just now being reopened after years of being reserved for the former president, his cronies, and foreign politicians”

Sam & Mickieguestdaniel-buffalo

“Thanks to you and all your staff for a wonderful trip. The food was fantastic.”


Pat & Diane

“This place is wonderful. The nicest people and the best food ever. It was really great to see so many animals.”



“Words cannot express how truly excellent this trip with Spear Safaris has been.”


Sept 2015
“My third trip with Spear Safaris and it keeps getting better. Not only great professional hunting, with quality animals, but a perfect African experience. First class accommodation at both camps. All the details were handled.”


“My third trip with Spear Safaris and they keep getting better. Many, many thanks to Koos and the staff for all the care and hard work they had to put into make this hunt so memorable. I can’t wait to come back.”


“Daniel and I had a wonderful time on Danny’s first African safari. Danny took 8 animals and we did a father and son combo on a buffalo. My highlight was taking a Sharpes Grysbok after four days of hunting a male.”


“I have had the most wonderful time in Africa. Ernest & Koos are excellent guides and wonderful people.”


“Thank you for another great trip – #5 with you. Several more great trophies and a couple of beautiful lions and sable.”


“I have had the most wonderful time in Africa. Ernest and Koos are excellent guides and wonderful people.”



“Daniel and I had a wonderful time on Danny’s first African safari. Danny took eight animals and we did a father and son combo on a buffalo. My highlight was taking my Sharpe’s Grysbok after four days of hunting a male.”



“Thanks again for another great safari.”



(Extract from AfricaHunting.com post)
“We are just done with lunch on the second day. Saw a 46.5″ bull today. He is off limits as Earnest is trying to breed up his genetics. There are 40″ cows here. He is on the path to having some fantastic bulls for years into the future. The man is making plans for the herds his son will hunt! It is an honor to hunt with this man. He has great foresight and vision for the future.”



“Once again you provided me with a safari full of fantastic memories and outstanding trophies……..As I have said in the past, it will be difficult to beat the success of this safari. However, I am confident number eight will have some surprises to challenge the success of this safari”



“Thank you Ernest and staff for a perfect week.”


Carl & Barbara

“We have completed the Big Five with the darting of the Rhino! Taking the Grand slam of Springbucks at distances up to 400 yards proved to be exciting and challenging. The places we visited proved to be outstanding!”


“Thank you all for a wonderful first time buffalo hunting experience! I don’t think that I could have possibly had a better time. To get this opportunity and to collect such a grand old trophy bull was beyond my expectations”

76Peter & Caroline

“Was it a dream? The excitement of taking a beautiful big leopard under a waning half moon with a single 100 yard shot from the Dyason shooting nest is something I will remember forever. Thank you for all your cunning strategy, planning and perseverance is getting Chui Out of the Thorns and into my trophy collection to complete my Big Five”

40Mike & Sue

“Thanks so much for a great hunt. The stay was all we hoped. See you soon on our next trip.”

31Mike & Audrey

“Thank you so much for a great hunt! We had an excellent trip and stay here. Seeing the lions the day we came out of our blind was something that we’ll never forget. Koos thanks for having the patience and with with me to hunt” ”

31aTom  & Noelle

“There are no words that can express how fantastic our last 5 days with you have been. This was Tom’s 6th time hunting with you and my first…….Thanks again for an amazing time. We are looking forward to our next trip.”


“Thanks so much for the great hunt. You never cease to amaze me! Every place we went I was taken care of…….Keep up the great work and once again Thank you.”