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Hunting Safaris in Burkina Faso

Safari Information

About Hunting in Burkina Faso

Spear Safaris partnered with a resident from the Ivory coast, but someone with great Knowledge of Burkina and its people, to offer this unique hunting opportunity in the Presidential Park, Pama Central north. Previously the camp and Hunting area was reserved for the President and invited guests only.


BFinfoThe area is exceptionally well managed, unlike so many of the areas in private hands. Quotas are small enough that over hunting does not happen and thus we can offer exceptional quality on the trophies there.


The most popular species in Burkina faso are the Western Savannah Buffalo and western Roan. Burkina also has unique species such as Cob, Hartebeest, Harness Bushbuck, Nagor Reedbuck. Most of the concessions have lots of Elephant, great numbers of Lion and Leopard.


West Africa lies in the Northern hemisphere thus making the hunting season different to other southern african countries. Season starts in December and stretches to April. The most pleasant hunting months are january to 15 March, after which it becomes very hot.


Hunting is by means of spot and stalk, tracking or just sneaking through the forests. Shooting from Vehicles are not permitted, neither is ambushing at waterholes. A game scout will be present at al times, during the hunt.


The Presidential Palace, which serves as our camp, is very comfortable with Electricity and air-conditioning in the rooms, a pleasant relief in the latter months. Camps are however not managed and run like Hunting destinations in South Africa and guests should be aware of this.


The best means of travel to Burkina is through Paris with arrival in Ouagadougou in early evening. The first night is spent in a Non tourist but very comfortable Guest Hotel. The following day travel to camp is via road transfer and takes around 4 to 5 hours with a Lunch stop.

Recommended packing list.

This is only a recommendation based on the input from a number of hunters over several years. It can be adapted and altered to suit every ones needs.


1. Guns
Plains Game:
One light rifle with sling ( .270, 30.06, 7mm or 300 mag) for medium plains game
One Medium to heavy rifle with sling for bigger Plains game. (.375 H&H)
Variable rifle scope (2 – 7 x 40)
40 rounds of Soft point ammunition
Hard gun case
Soft gun case


Big Game:
One heavy rifle with sling (.375, .458, .470.etc)
Variable scope (1 – 5 x 32) detachable mounts
20 Rounds soft point ammunition
20 Rounds of Full metal jacket ammunition
Hard case
Soft case


2. Clothing
3 Pairs of cotton trousers – Dull in color
3 Shirts- cotton, long or short sleeve- same color
1 Grey or green coat with hood and 1 light weight jacket
1 Hat or Cap
5 undershirts and under shorts
5 pairs of socks with set of sock savers
1 Belt
1 pair of soft soled shoes – Tennis shoes
1 pair of camp shoes or sandals
1 Down or Wool Sweater
1 Jogging suit (for sleeping)
1 Light pair of leather gloves- golfing glove


3. Miscellaneous
1 Folding knife
2 Lip chap
2 Rifle shell holders – belt carrier type
2 Washcloths
Suntan lotion, Insect repellant, Sunglasses and Skin moisturizers
Digital camera, laptop and/or iPad (Spear Safari camp has wi-fi)
camera with sufficient memory cards
Small binoculars – optional
Medications and recommended shots – see your doctor
Personal toiletries kit – Razor etc.
Flashlight with spare batteries
Plastic bags – Ziploc type
Extra Prescription Glasses if needed


4. Other
Travel documents (Passport that is valid for 6 months after return
date to USA, Firearm documentation, Airline tickets,
Travel Insurance, money, medical records as required)
Reading material
Phone numbers (Foreign and local contacts)
Confirmation of hotels, Car rental etc

Safari Packages & Fees



8 Day Western Roan Special 6 Days Hunting On request
9 Day Western Roan Special
7 Days Hunting
On request
9 Day Western Savanna Buffalo Special
7 Days Hunting
On request
9 Day Western Buffalo/Roan Special
7 Days Hunting
On request
12 Day Western Buffalo/Roan & Plains  Game Special
10 Days Hunting
On request
9 Day Buffalo Special
7 Days Hunting
On request
9 Day Roan Special 7 Days Hunting On request
14 Day Lion/Plains Game Safari 12 Days Hunting On request
14 Day Lion Safaris 12 Day Hunting On request


Included in day fees

Excluded in day fees

Meet & greet at Airport
Pre & post safari Accommodation
Assistance with firearm clearing
Observers @ US$250 per day
All hunting licenses
Rifle & ammo hire
Transfer to and from Camp
Licensed PH
Charter flights where applicable
Full Accommodation, meals, soft drinks, water, beer
Trophy shipping costs
Camp Staff
Taxidermy Charges
Daily Laundry
Ammunition tax
1st Rifle Permit
Visa fees
Rifle Hire
Spirits consumed in Camp