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Spear Safaris Accommodation

South African Camps

Located at the foothills of the Soutpansberg mountain range near Waterpoort, lies Spear Safaris Bush Camp. The Camp consistof 4 double en-suite chalets. Enjoy being off the grid with our solar powered electricity supply, while still enjoying all the amenities of a modern lifestyle.

The vastness of the African night sky is truly spectacular in this region.”You are also spoiled with the silence of this region, no civilisation noises can be heard, only the serenade of jackals and the African Bushveld”. Overlooking the small watering hole a number of species can be viewed from the Dining area, coming down to quench their thirst. “Come and enjoy the Evenings around the hardwood camp fire with us at Spear safari Bush camp!”

Zimbabwe Camps

Camps in Zimbabwe are quite a bit more rustic than South Africa, but still very comfortable. Most camps do not have electricity, but do have generators for extra comfort.Zimbabwe is as beautiful and diverse as South Africa, but as South Africa has all, and more, of the Plains game species occurring there, we hunt Zimbabwe to try a Safari with a difference, maybe with a little more of the old Africa in it.

Leopard hunting is done on Cattle ranches near the Town of Shangani, as this area produces very large Cats. These animals have been hunted for many years, due to their genetically big build and are therefore wily. This makes it a real challenge and a hunt to remember. The most successful method is to bait with either cattle or natural prey, it is a real science, and a Professional Hunters skills are challenged when hunting these cats. Elephant are also in abundance in this region, Bulls migrate to this area from the Hwange National park and spend most of the dry months here. Additional to this we also offer hunts in Government concessions, near Victoria Falls. These areas are surrounded by National Parks, and the free movement of game ensures a good chance at trophy quality animals. The infrastructure here is of such a nature, that a very comfortable and memorable stay is guaranteed. Elephant hunting is done mainly by tracking, Hunting are also offered in the following Countries, where we have ourselves guided and visited. Mozambique, Tanzania, Benin and Cameroon.

Tanzanian Camps


(leased by ourselves and partner for 2018 and 2019, after which Ibanda will become a national park)


The Concession

The Ibanda Game Reserve is about 50 000 acres in size – and lies on the Kagera River, west of the town Bukoba, which is on the west bank of Lake Victoria. The Kagera River forms the boundary between Tanzania and Uganda. The area is picturesque – mostly flat open country dominated by a high ridge of hills – (great for spotting game). To the east are low rolling hills covered in the typical east African flat-topped acacia trees.


The Game

Game found there – buffalo, east African roan antelope, east African eland, waterbuck, topi, bushbuck, hippo, bohor reedbuck, impala, duiker, warthog, bushpig, hyena and leopard. There are no lion or elephant on this concession. There are very good numbers of eland on this concession and herds of up to 60 animals are common – and in one day on this place – we saw 200 to 300 waterbuck. It was great. One highlight was watching a leopard stalk a waterbuck in the middle of the morning!

East African Sitatunga can be found on Rumanyika.


The Camp

The camp on Ibanda is typical east african ‘tented-camp’, with hot and cold running water, flush toilets and electric lights.



You can reach Bukoba from either Arusha or Dar es Salaam, so no charter flight are necessary, but for those who prefer it Ibanda has a nice long airstrip. It is a four hour drive from Bukoba to camp.

Please remember folks – East africa is not like South Africa – or Namibia, or Zimbabwe – everything slows down up there – you’re stepping back, into an older Africa – so slow down, and allow a day at the beginning and end of your travel schedules, and be flexible.

We have a company representative who meets you at the Dar es Salaam airport, and handles your gun import hassles, as well as getting you safely to your hotel, and back to the airport again for your connection to Bukoba.

You can apply for your visa beforehand in USA – and your travel agent will know about handling this.


Over-nighting in Johannesburg

We use Africa Sky Guest House (africasky@mweb.co.za) telephone 00 27 82 749 0674. They are right close to the airport and will collect you, help you clear your guns and deliver you back again – they are a quality, reliable operation. Leoni will also assist you with doing your rifle permits for Johannesburg for a fee. Please make sure you contact them as soon as you know your arrival dates in Joburg – they fill up fast and they licences also take a while! I know for South Africa you now need your 19 CFR 148.1 form – Certificate of registration for Personal Effects Taken Abroad.


Over-nighting in Dar es Salaam

You can overnight close to the airport, quite inexpensively – or you can stay in town at the Hyatt, or the Seacliff – both the Hyatt and Seacliff are posh, and expensive and requires a longer drive. We have been using Triniti Airport – triniti.airport@gmail.com



Please be sure to start your malaria prevention pills ten days or so before you travel. Don’t take Larium, lots of hunters have had hallucinatory and mood swings problems with it.

Remember, most of Tanzania is tsetse fly area – so although you won’t get ill from them, they do bite – like a horse fly. The only stuff that seems to work is Skin so Soft made by Avon!! (I think because it was used so much, they actually make a repellent now.) Ibanda is exempt from the Tsetses, making it a comfortable wilderness destination.

The only jab you need is Yellow Fever – not so much for the risk of contracting it, but because they won’t let you in, without that certificate.



We have mentioned rifles through RSA under travel. As regards Tanzania we will send you a form to fill in – just send us details of your firearms – a month before you travel, and we will take care of the Tanzanian import permits for you. We need a copy of your passport information page as well as 2 passport size photographs.


Other costs

· Dipping and packing and administration of your trophies for export 1 500.00

· Transport of trophies from the concession to Arusha 350.00

· Firearm import permits 200.00 per rifle