Rick & Kim hunt Zambia

Rick & Kim hunt Zambia

Rick and Kim Gibson wanted to try a Safari with a difference for Ricks 80th birthday. The Gibson’s had been to South Africa before so I decided to suggest something totally different and exciting, something totally off the beaten track. We were going to Zambia for Plains game. Sitatunga, Puku, Kafue Lechwe and Black lechwe. Any specie other than that was just bonus.

Planning, coordinating and then executing the Safari took a tremendous amount of planning.

We started in Lusaka, also where the SAA flight delivered us. The drive from Lusaka to kafue is close enough that we did not have to stay in or near the hunting area. The first day found us leaving at 3:30 in the morning to Blue Lagoon National park. October is a very dry time of the year and we found many Kafue Lechwe, where the water was only ankle deep. Both Rick and Kim managed to bag great Lechwe, 29″ + bulls were in the back and we were headed back to Lusaka, with fresh steak.

On day two found us on a Charter flight to Bangwelo, where we were to hunt for Black Lechwe. Africa Parks have taken over the management of the area, and the Lechwe numbers are rising again. The 2015 Count revealed 49 000 + lechwe. A great success story. Needless to say that we bagged  3 great Black Lechwe in no time, and we were off again on our charter towards Lake Tanganyika for 10 days.

Tondwa GMA is a amazing area for Sitatunga and Puku, we literally saw thousands of Puku. The Sitatunga were also out in force, and Kim was the first to get his Sitatunga bull. Rick got his great Bull the very next morning after a long stalk through the swamp, and a 200 yard shot.

We were done with the main species very early so we hunted for Bushpig and Warthog. Blue duiker are also quite plenty full, but unfortunately they evaded us.

The flight back to Lusaka was uneventful other than the bad turbulence close to the city.

We had a few days to kill before a trip to Victoria falls for some R&R, and and this produced a magnificent Chobe Bushbuck as well as Crawsay  Defasa Waterbuck, the one without the white ring around his Butt.

All in all an amazing end to a great 2015 Season, and well planned Hunting trip.