New Territory – Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

New Territory – Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

I was approached a year back by a friend and landowner in RSA that had just invested in a Hunting concession in the Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania, and was asked to hunt in their area.
The concession is R4 in the Selous game Reserve and is bordered by the great Ruhaha river on the north and the Rufiji in the south and east, a great prospect.

First of all I needed to get some hunters willing to go on this exploratory hunt, so I approached another one of my old time friends Wighardt. Between the two of us we managed to put a deal together that no one could pass up, and off we went to Selous.

The area proved to be very large and inundated by Hippos, unfortunately we did not have Hippo tags for this hunt, but none the less our hunters bagged two beautiful Buffalo, 2 great Nyasa Wildebeest, Lichtenstein Hartebeest and Impala.

R4 / Selous will definitely be on our Brochures for the future, and I look forward to to some great Big game Hunting there.