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hunting in cameroon with spear safarisSpear Safaris has negotiated the partial Hunting rights to the Vina 27 Hunting zone in the North east of the savannah region of Cameroon, as well as Voko / Bantadje communal area in the far Northwest of Cameroon, covering a combined 360 000 acres for free ranging wild life.

Vina 27 is an amazing area for LD Eland, it is not unusual to spot your Dream Bull from the Hunting car while out searching. You will on most occasions also be able to pass on Bulls, until you find the “Right Bull”. Additional to the LD Eland, there are sustainable numbers of Roan, Buffalo, Kob, Waterbuck, Hartebeest and a variety of smaller game.Our camp in Vina 27 is undoubtedly one of the best camps I’ve been in, in West Africa. Area 27 is a government controlled concession, and is affordable for LD Eland. The community based area is Home to Hunt-able numbers of the Giant Eland, Central Buffalo, Western Roan, Cob, Western Hartebeest, Red flanked duiker and Red river Hog’s to mention some. Area 27 is a government controlled concession, with the same species and more.

There are better areas in Cameroon, but they are also a good $10 000 to $20 000 more expensive than these Blocks. Until now we’ve enjoyed 100% success on Giant Eland hunts. The season starts in December but the better times are generally from February onwards.Camp is a fixed structure with Generator as Power source, giving us the use of A/C during the hotter months. Hunting is done by means of tracking or Spot and stalk mainly. Hunters do need to be prepared for a somewhat physical hunt as Eland are renowned for traveling and stalks can be up to 6 hours at time. Hunting starts in the early morning and most days we return for Lunch and a siesta before the afternoon hunt.